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ICT development team standards / Issue Tracking

Issue tracking will be managed in JIRA. Each application has its own JIRA project, and ICT projects related to an application should be managed as versions within that project. A multi-phase ICT project may result in multiple JIRA versions.

  • Naming of issues: Use a descriptive title that will also be helpful to those outside the group
  • Use components to group items. e.g. 'Search', 'Logging', 'WebService'
  • Versions: When releasing a new version of the application, indicate which items relate to this release by using the JIRA Version. Use JIRA version to collate items together into a release. Use the version tag to allocate which items are to be done for a future version. Versions should also be used to track back to a project.
  • Source code integration with JIRA: Use a JIRA id in Git comments to link to the commits. JIRA items can be progressed with specific commit messages
  • External ID: Add the TrackIt number(or other possible relevant ID) in the External ID field
  • Estimates:¬†use the estimates field to track how much time you feel an issue will take. Add the estimates for each issue up to get an estimate for the project (remember to also add an overhead for project meetings, etc.). Ensure the estimate includes the time taken to make the estimate, the time for testing and documentation.