pyGAP / game / engine / text / language.cpp

#include "text/language.h"

#include <cstdio>

#include "text/pack.h"
#include "io/fs/base.h"

#include "formats/text.h"

namespace text {

Language::Language() :

Language::~Language() {
    delete fs_;
    delete pack_;

void Language::set(const char* language) {
    if (!language)

    char buffer[32];
    sprintf(buffer, "assets/text_%s.pak", language);

    delete fs_;
    delete pack_;

    fs_ = ::io::fs::open(buffer);
    pack_ = NULL;

void Language::open(const char* filename, const char* language) {

    if (!fs_)

    uint8_t* buffer = fs_->read(filename);
    if (!buffer)

    if (pack_)
        delete pack_;
    pack_ = new Pack();

String* Language::create_string(uint16_t id) {
    return pack_ ? pack_->create_string(id) : NULL;

} /* namespace text */
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