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Wouter Willems created an issue

Hi, I am having trouble with jumping to definition if the function im calling is not in the same file. For example, in 1 file:

-- classtest.lua

Account = {}
Account.__index = Account

function Account:create(balance)
    local acnt = {}             -- our new object
    setmetatable(acnt,Account)  -- make Account handle lookup
    acnt.balance = balance      -- initialize our object
    return acnt

function Account:withdraw(amount)
    self.balance = self.balance - amount

Then in another I do:


local acc = Account:create(1000)

I can indeed click to Account:create with ctrl+click (or cmd+click on osx). However, trying to go to acc:withdraw yields no results. This makes it very hard to refactor my application. Am I doing something wrong or is there just no support for this yet?

Im on IDEA 2018.1.5

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  1. Baertram

    Same problem here. I’ma ble to click CTRL+click on a variable/constant defined in the current file or current’s scope (function e.g.).

    But if the constant or variable, or class is defined in any other file in the project it won't find it-.

    This is very annoying and needs me to search the whole project manually :-(

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