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Issue #84 resolved

Support murgalua as an SDK binary

created an issue

I am going to release compatible SDK files for the next murgaLua release. And I will be testing with "Lua For IDEA". So it would be nice if the default executable name of "murgalua" also worked out of the box :-)

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  1. JohnMurga reporter

    Excellent, thank you ! I am assuming that the best thing would be if I pull the source, build the plugin at the HEAD and test it ? I will do this over the weekend. Thanks again :-)

  2. JohnMurga reporter

    It didn't work (unless I renamed the executable to "lua"), so I looked at the code. Interestingly ... For luajit and murgaLua you changed the getByteCodeCompilerExecutable ... Which is commented out and never gets called (getTopLevelExecutable does).

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