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Playlists seem to randomly go away. Sometimes they will persist for days. Sometimes a day. Sometimes not even across a single reboot.

I have looked for a relative Exaile directory to delete the contents in case there was a corrupt cache or something. Can't find it. Did not see a setting which points to a "directory for Exaile to use".

Running Exaile on Trisquel 5.5 (an Ubuntu derivative) with MATE GUI (what used to be GNOME 2.x) on a 6-core AMD-based machine.

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  1. Kevin Schmidt

    I can confirm this bug. But I would like to expand it. I not only lost playlists, but some settings. I had the preview device enabled in order to listen to tracks in my usb headphones when I'm picking a track. Normally it shows up in a second player to the right of the first. Now it's disabled and the 8 or so playlists I had open are gone, and not in the playlists tab either. No big deal, but it might help narrow things down.

    Asus Eee PC 1000HEB Linux Mint 16 XFCE (fairly clean install, not much else since I only use the computor to DJ)

    Thanks for making great software. Hope my info helps narrow it down.

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