Yeah, it's just another Jabber client written in Java, but it's cooler than the old ones
because I wrote it.

Here's how you use it:

1) You MUST have java 1.4.x or greater!  Java 1.3.x will not work!  Get it at java.sun.com/j2se
2) You unzip the zip file.  I know you've already done that because you are reading this text.
3) Run JBother.jar like this:  java -jar JBother.jar, or in Windows just double click on it.
4) Create an account on jabber.org or linuxhelp.homeunix.com if you haven't already got a jabber account
5) Have fun!

If you want to build it from source, you'll need ant.  Just type "ant" in the base
directory of the zip file. It will create JBother.jar, which you can run.


If you need to contact me, my jabber ID is synic@jbother.org, and my email address is arolsen@gmail.com
I can also be found on the mighty fine irc channel #linuxhelp on irc.chatjunkies.org