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v0.42 (September 7, 2013):

-Initialization and estimation of high-level information theoretical estimators (H/I/D/A/C/K): 'eval' changed to 'function handles' to speed up computations; see '<X>_initialization.m' and '<X>_estimation.m', where <X>='H'/'I'/'D'/'A'/'C'/'K'.
-Cost object initialization now allows setting field values (alpha, number of kNN-s, ...) through its argument. This makes ITE more user-friendly. It also enables overriding default values and is useful in meta estimators for parameter inheritence. See 'post_initialization.m'; '<X>_initialization.m' and '<X><cost_name>_initialization.m', where <X>='H'/'I'/'D'/'A'/'C'/'K'. For the usage in meta estimators, see
'HTsallis_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_DRenyi_initialization.m', 'ITsallis_DTsallis_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'DJensenRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'DJensenTsallis_HTsallis_initialization.m', 'DsymBregman_DBregman_initialization.m', 'KJS_DJS_initialization.m'. For further details, see doc: Section 3.3.2.
-Quick tests introduced: consistency of the estimators, positive semi-definiteness of Gram matrices determined by distribution kernels, image registration; see directory 'quick_tests', doc: Section 5, Section F.

Refactorization; documentation improved:
-Function names added to the first line of the code descriptions to improve help.
-Copyright information: detached from help (one empty line inserted before license information).
-Homepage, email address: updated.
-Importance of co.mult: explained in more detail (doc + code (see 'co.mult:OK...')).
-co.alpha: changed to be the same in all Renyi/Tsallis estimators, co.alpha = 0.99 -- uniformity. 
-Typo discovered and corrected: 'HShannon_DKL_N_estimation.m': 'Y_normal = ... + m' -> 'Y_normal = ... + repmat(m,1,num_of_samples)' (typo for d>1).
-Directory 'H_I_D_A_C_K' renamed to 'estimators'. 'ITE_install.m': updated accordingly.
-Comment on the relation between mutual information and total correlation (or multi-information): added [doc + code (see 'IShannon_HShannon_initialization.m')].
-To ease the usage of ITE 'ITE_add_to_path.m' and 'ITE_remove_from_path.m': added. These functions make it possible to add/remove the ITE code directory to/from the Matlab/Octave PATH.
-Explicit instructions for the installation of the toolbox added to 'ITE_install.m' when no compilation is carried out.
-'HRPensemble_estimation.m': verification that 'RP dimension <= dimension of the samples' added.
-'mexme.m' (=compilation of KDP): an alternative compilation option added.
-In pathological cases (quite small dimension and large number of samples) the estimated Renyi additive constant (see 'estimate_HRenyi_constant.m') can be Inf. This case is now handled by introducing 'replace_Infs_with_max.m', see 'compute_length_HRenyi_kNN_1tok.m', 'compute_length_HRenyi_kNN_S.m'.
- 'MatlabBGL' and the associated GSF based Renyi entropy estimator ('HRenyi_GSF_initialization.m', HRenyi_GSF_estimation.m', 'compute_length_HRenyi_GSF.m'): deleted (self-containedness improved + space considerations); 'compute_MST.m','HRenyi_MST_initialization.m', 'HRenyi_MST_estimation.m': modified accordingly.
-The embedded 'sqdistance.m' (squared Euclidean distance computation) function could give some small, but negative values in the diagonal of 'sqdistance(Y)'; corrected. 
-'Guideance' on the choice of the estimators: included, see doc: Section 3.4.
-Figure listing all the estimators and their relations: added, see doc: Section 3.3.2: Fig. 1.
-Note on compiler requirements: added (see doc).
-ITE_install.m: made to be more user-friendly; detection of the already (i) deleted 'ann_wrapperO'/'ann_wrapperM' directory, (ii) downloaded ARfit package: added.

v0.41 (July 12, 2013):
-Probability product kernel estimation based on k-nearest neighbors: added; see 'KPP_kNN_k_initialization.m' and 'KPP_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-Jensen-Shannon kernel estimation: added; see 'KJS_DJS_initialization.m' and 'KJS_DJS_estimation.m'.

v0.40 (June 23, 2013):
-Bhattacharyya kernel estimation based on k-nearest neighbors: added; see 'KBhattacharyya_kNN_k_initialization.m' and 'KBhattacharyya_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-Expected kernel estimation: added; see 'Kexpected_initialization.m', 'Kexpected_estimation.m'.
-Directory 'H_I_D_A_C' renamed to 'H_I_D_A_C_K'; 'ITE_install.m' modified accordingly.
-Kernel on distributions (K) object type: added; see 'K_initialization.m', 'K_estimation.m'. 

v0.39 (June 12, 2013):
-Symmetric Bregman distance estimation based on nonsymmetric Bregman distance: added; see 'DsymBregman_DBregman_initialization.m', 'DsymBregman_DBregman_estimation.m'.
-Symmetric Bregman distance estimation based on k-nearest neighbors: added; see 'DsymBregman_kNN_k_initialization.m', 'DsymBregman_kNN_k_estimation.m'. 

v0.38 (June 1, 2013):
-Jensen-Tsallis divergence estimation: added; see 'DJensenTsallis_HTsallis_initialization.m' and 'DJensenTsallis_HTsallis_estimation.m'.
-Bregman distance estimation: added; see 'DBregman_kNN_k_initialization.m' and 'DBregman_kNN_k_estimation.m'.

v0.37 (May 12, 2013):
-K divergence estimation: added; see 'DK_DKL_initialization.m' and 'DK_DKL_estimation.m'.
-L divergence estimation: added; see 'DL_DKL_initialization.m' and 'DL_DKL_estimation.m'.
-Handling 'Y==Q' in case of co.kNNmethod = 'knnsearch': included; see 'kNN_squared_distances.m'.
-Dimension verification: added to 
(i) meta estimators, see 'ITsallis_DTsallis_estimation.m', 'DEnergyDist_DMMD_estimation.m', 'DJdistance_estimation.m', 'DJensenRenyi_HRenyi_estimation.m', 'DJensenShannon_HShannon_estimation.m', 'DKL_CCE_HShannon_estimation.m'.
(ii) utilities 'estimate_Dtemp1.m' and 'estimate_Dtemp2.m'.

v0.36 (Apr 26, 2013):
-Jensen-Renyi divergence estimation: added; see 'DJensenRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m' and 'DJensenRenyi_HRenyi_estimation.m'.
-Jensen-Shannon divergence estimation: added; see 'DJensenShannon_HShannon_initialization.m' and 'DJensenShannon_HShannon_estimation.m'.

v0.35 (Apr 1, 2013):
-An alternative Jacobi optimization based ICA solution with general entropy/mutual information estimators: added; see 'estimate_ICA.m', 'estimate_ICA_Jacobi2.m'. The method is using a different fining scheme in the rotation angle search compared to 'estimate_ICA_Jacobi1.m'.

v0.34 (Mar 22, 2013):
-Jacobi optimization based ICA solution with general entropy/mutual information estimators: added; see 'estimate_ICA.m', 'estimate_ICA_Jacobi1.m'.

v0.33 (Mar 6, 2013):
-Two one-dimensional Shannon entropy estimators based on the maximum entropy method: added; see 'HShannon_MaxEnt1_initialization.m', 'HShannon_MaxEnt1_estimation.m', 'HShannon_MaxEnt2_initialization.m', 'HShannon_MaxEnt2_estimation.m'.

v0.32 (Feb 25, 2013):
-ICA and ISA structures: introduced for unified treatment of the estimators. It will also enable embedding of general ICA optimization algorithms such as the Jacobi method. 
-Some variables: renamed; see ARmethod_parameters -> AR, ARXmethod_parameters -> ARX, fARmethod_parameters -> fAR, MAparameters -> MA, gaussianizationmethod_parameters -> gaussianization.
-'estimate_mAR.m': 'stepwiseLS' method deleted.
-Example 20 (ISA-3): cost_type = 'KGV' typo corrected (-> cost_type = 'Ipairwise1d'; doc).
-'kdpee.c': MSVC does not provide log2. A more elegant solution: added.

v0.31 (Feb 9, 2013):
-EASI (equivariant adaptive separation via independence) real/complex ICA method: added; see 'estimate_ICA_EASI.m', 'estimate_ICA.m', 'estimate_complex_ICA.m'.
-Adaptive (k-d) partitioning based Shannon entropy estimation: added; see 'HShannon_KDP_initialization.m', 'HShannon_KDP_estimation.m'.

v0.30 (Jan 25, 2013):
-Upper tail dependence via conditional Spearman's rho: added; see 'ASpearman_U_initialization.m', 'ASpearman_U_estimation.m'.
-Multivariate conditional version of Spearman's rho weighting the lower tail: added; see 'ASpearman_ut_initialization.m', 'ASpearman_ut_estimation.m'.

v0.29 (Jan 13, 2013):
-Lower tail dependence via conditional Spearman's rho: added; see 'ASpearman_L_initialization.m', 'ASpearman_L_estimation.m'.
-Multivariate conditional version of Spearman's rho weighting the lower tail: added; see 'ASpearman_lt_initialization.m', 'ASpearman_lt_estimation.m'.
-Notes on lower- and upper orthant dependence: added (doc: see 'Spearman1' and 'Spearman2').

v0.28 (Jan 2, 2013):
-Multivariate extension of Blomqvist's beta (medial correlation coefficient): added; see 'ABlomqvist_initialization.m', 'ABlomqvist_estimation.m'.
-Average pairwise Spearman's rho: added; see 'ASpearman4_initialization.m', 'ASpearman4_estimation.m'.
-Definition of the multivariate measure of concordance and -independence measure: added (doc).
-Further references: included; see 'ISW1_estimation.m', 'ISWinf_estimation.m', 'ASpearman1_estimation.m', 'ASpearman2_estimation.m', 'ASpearman3_estimation.m', +doc.

v0.27 (Dec 28, 2012):
-Approximate correntropy independence measure estimator: added; see 'IApprCorrEntr_initialization.m', 'IApprCorrEntr_estimation.m'.
-Correntropy induced metric, centered correntropy induced metric estimators: added; see 'ACIM_initialization.m', 'ACIM_estimation.m', 'ACCIM_initialization.m', 'ACCIM_estimation.m'.
-Correntropy, centered correntropy, correntropy coefficient estimators: added; see 'ACorrEntr_KDE_direct_initialization.m', 'ACorrEntr_KDE_direct_estimation.m', 'ACCorrEntr_KDE_iChol_initialization.m', 'ACCorrEntr_KDE_iChol_estimation.m', 'ACCorrEntr_KDE_Lapl_initialization.m', 'ACCorrEntr_KDE_Lapl_estimation.m', 'ACorrEntrCoeff_KDE_direct_initialization.m', 'ACorrEntrCoeff_KDE_direct_estimation.m', 'ACorrEntrCoeff_KDE_iChol_initialization.m', 'ACorrEntrCoeff_KDE_iChol_estimation.m'.
-Some references fine-tuned/added (code+doc).
-Handling of identically constant random variables in distance correlation computation: included; see 'IdCor_estimation.m'.

v0.26 (Dec 22, 2012):
-Distance covariance estimation via HSIC: added; see IdCov_IHSIC_initialization.m', 'IdCov_IHSIC_estimation.m'.
-Energy distance estimation via MMD: added; see 'DEnergyDist_DMMD_initialization.m', 'DEnergyDist_DMMD_estimation'.
-Energy distance estimation: added; see 'DEnergyDist_initialization.m', 'DEnergyDist_estimation.m'.
-We computed the square of distance correlation: sqrt added, see 'IdCor_estimation.m'.
-The ARfit website is again available: 'ITE_install.m' changed to its original form.

v0.25 (Dec 15, 2012):
-Distance covariance, distance correlation estimation: added; see 'IdCov_initialization.m', 'IdCov_estimation.m', 'IdCor_initialization.m', 'IdCor_estimation.m'.
-Temporarily the homepage of the downloaded ARfit website seems to be unavailable. Download link changed to 'http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/174-arfit?download=true'; see 'ITE_install.m'.

v0.24 (Dec 12, 2012):
-MMD estimation based on U- and V-statistics: added; see 'DMMD_Ustat_initialization.m', 'DMMD_Ustat_estimation.m', 'DMMD_Vstat_initialization.m', 'DMMD_Vstat_estimation.m'.
-Notes on HSIC, MMD and measures of concordance: added (doc).
-Online MMD estimation: now RBF and linear kernels are both available; see 'DMMD_online_initialization.m', 'DMMD_online_estimation.m'.
-'MMDonline' renamed to 'MMD_online'; see 'DMMD_online_initialization.m', 'DMMD_online_estimation.m'; 'IMMD_DMMD_initialization.m': modified accordingly.

v0.23 (Dec 07, 2012):
-Three multivariate extensions of Spearman's rho: added; see 'ASpearman1_initialization.m', 'ASpearman1_estimation.m', 'ASpearman2_initialization.m', 'ASpearman2_estimation.m', 'ASpearman3_initialization.m', 'ASpearman3_estimation.m'.
-Association (A) cost object type: added; see 'A_initialization.m', 'A_estimation.m'. 
-Directory 'H_I_D_C' renamed to 'H_I_D_A_C'; 'ITE_install.m' modified accordingly.
-Verification of the H/I/D/C function arguments: unified across different estimators. Further verification (compatibility of ds and Y): added to I-estimators (the estimations have not changed). Some comment unification: carried out. 

v0.22 (Dec 01, 2012):
-Cauchy-Schwartz and Euclidean distance based divergence estimators: added; see 'DCS_KDE_iChol_initialization.m', 'DCS_KDE_iChol_estimation.m', 'DED_KDE_iChol_initialization.m', 'DED_KDE_iChol_estimation.m'.
-Cauchy-Schwartz and Euclidean distance based quadratic mutual information estimators: added; see 'IQMI_CS_KDE_direct_initialization.m', 'IQMI_CS_KDE_direct_estimation.m', 'IQMI_CS_KDE_iChol_initialization.m', 'IQMI_CS_KDE_iChol_estimation.m', 'IQMI_ED_KDE_iChol_initialization.m', 'IQMI_ED_KDE_iChol_estimation.m'.

v0.21 (Nov 25, 2012):
-Kullback-Leibler divergence meta estimator based on cross-entropy and entropy: added; see 'DKL_CCE_HShannon_initialization.m', 'DKL_CCE_HShannon_estimation.m'.
-Cross-entropy estimation based on k-nearest neighbors: added; see 'CCE_kNN_k_initialization.m', 'CCE_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-Cross (C) cost object type: added; see 'C_initialization.m', 'C_estimation.m'. 
-Directory 'H_I_D' renamed to 'H_I_D_C'; 'ITE_install.m' modified accordingly.
-IGV_estimation: added (#2); documentation: modified accordingly.

v0.20 (Nov 19, 2012):
-Two Shannon entropy estimators based on the distance (KL divergence) from the uniform/Gaussian distributions: added; see 'HShannon_DShannon_U_initialization.m', 'HShannon_DShannon_U_estimation.m', 'HShannon_DShannon_N_initialization.m', 'HShannon_DShannon_N_estimation.m'.
-Shannon entropy estimator based on Voronoi regions: added; see 'HShannon_Voronoi_initialization.m', 'HShannon_Voronoi_estimation.m'.
-The documentation of the ITE package has been banished to 'https://bitbucket.org/szzoli/ite/downloads': Downloads. (Its history unnecessarily increased the size of the Mercurial repository.) For further details, see 'doc:ITE_documentation.txt'.
-some code refactoring: (i) divergence estimators: notation (X,Y) -> (Y1,Y2); (ii) disp('Error:...')/disp('Warning:...') -> error('...')/warning('...'); (iii) 'Renyi_CDSS' renamed to 'qRenyi_CDSS'.

v0.19 (Nov 16, 2012):
-2 k-nearest neighbor based Kullback-Leibler divergence estimators: added. See 'DKL_kNN_k_initialization.m', 'DKL_kNN_k_estimation.m', 'DKL_kNN_kiTi_initialization.m', 'DKL_kNN_kiTi_estimation.m'.
-compute_CDSS.cpp: 'sqrt(T)' -> 'sqrt(double(T))', to increase compatibility with compilers.
-Note on Jensen-Shannon divergence: deleted (doc).

v0.18 (Nov 10, 2012):
-8 sample spacing based 1d Shannon/Rényi entropy estimators: added; see 'HShannon_spacing_V_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_V_estimation.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vb_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vb_estimation.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vpconst_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vpconst_estimation.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vplin_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vplin_estimation.m', 'HShannon_spacing_LL_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_LL_estimation.m', 'HRenyi_spacing_V_initialization.m', 'HRenyi_spacing_V_estimation.m', 'HRenyi_spacing_E_initialization.m', 'HRenyi_spacing_E_estimation.m', 'HRenyi_CDSS_initialization.m', 'HRenyi_CDSS_estimation.m'.
-minimum spanning tree, geodesic spanning forest: reference updated (doc+comments); For the latter, see 'HRenyi_MST_estimation', 'HRenyi_GSF_estimation.m'.
-A note on a built-in helping automatism of meta estimators: added (comments); see 'HTsallis_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_DRenyi_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'ITsallis_DTsallis_initialization.m'.
-some 'co.mul=mult' -> 'co.mult=mult' typo corrected (to be precise, the computations were OK); see 'ITsallis_DTsallis_initialization.m', 'IShannon_HShannon_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_DRenyi_initialization.m', 'IL2_DL2_initialization.m', 'Icomplex_initialization.m', 'HRPensemble_initialization.m', 'Hensemble_initialization.m', 'Hcomplex_initialization.m'.

v0.17 (Nov 6, 2012):
-Edgeworth expansion based Shannon entropy estimator: accelerated (C++ alternative); see 'Edgeworth_t1_t2_t3.cpp'.
-'Tsallis entropy <- Renyi entropy' meta estimator: added; see 'HTsallis_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'HTsallis_HRenyi_estimation.m'. 

v0.16 (Nov 2, 2012):
-Edgeworth expansion based Shannon entropy estimator: added; see 'HShannon_Edgeworth_initialization.m', 'HShannon_Edgeworth_estimation.m'.
-Lookup table for the underlying H/I/D estimation formulas: added (see ITE_documentation.pdf: Section C).
-estimate_HRenyi_constant.m: simplified; gam: deleted.

v0.15 (Oct 29, 2012):
-The Hellinger and Bhattacharyya distances are now available in ITE. They can be estimated via k-nearest neighbor methods; see 'DHellinger_kNN_k_initialization.m', 'DHellinger_kNN_k_estimation.m', 'DBhattacharyya_kNN_k_initialization.m', and 'DBhattacharyya_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-volume_of_the_unit_ball.m: added. 
-DL2_kNN_k_estimation.m: a '/'->'*' typo corrected (c: volume of the unit ball).

v0.14 (Oct 29, 2012):
-Monte-Carlo simulation to compute the additive constants in Renyi entropy estimation: added; see 'estimate_HRenyi_constant.m'.
-compute_length_HRenyi_MST.m: pdist -> sqdistance (acceleration).
-The embedded 'knnFP1' method can produce an '1e-15' rounding error in squared_distances => W is not _perfectly_ sym. (in the verification of compute_MST.m:kruskal_mst.m), correction made; see 'compute_length_HRenyi_GSF.m'.
-kNN_squared_distances.m, co.kNNmethod='knnFP2': for compatibility reasons variable 'indices' has been converted to int32.

v0.13 (Oct 27, 2012):
-Tsallis entropy is now available in ITE; it can be estimated via k-nearest neighbors, see 'HTsallis_kNN_k_initialization.m', 'HTsallis_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-A '/'->'*' typo corrected in 'HRenyi_kNN_k_estimation.m'; see 'estimate_Ialpha.m' (V: volume of the unit ball).

v0.12 (Oct 27, 2012):
-Schweizer-Wolff's sigma and kappa: added; see 'ISW1_initialization.m', 'ISW1_estimation.m', 'ISWinf_initialization.m', 'ISWinf_estimation.m'.
-Hoeffding's Phi computation: scaled-up (C++ alternative); see 'Hoeffding_term1.cpp'.
-HRenyi_weightedkNN_initialization.m: contained a superfluous co.k parameter, deleted.
-chol_gauss.c: a superfluous 'double *y' variable deleted.
-dY==dX (dimension of Y and X) verification added to 'DRenyi_kNN_k_estimation.m', 'DTsallis_kNN_k_estimation.m', 'DL2_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-some comments improved.

v0.11 (Oct 20, 2012):
-multivariate version of the Hoeffding's Phi estimator: added (see 'IHoeffding_initialization.m', 'IHoeffding_estimation.m').
-ITE_install.m: updated to perform only the 'compiled' quick tests. I am a greedy user;) See #1.

v0.1 (Oct 10, 2012): initial release.