Zoltan Szabo committed 292ab7b

estimate_HRenyi_constant.m: simplified; gam: deleted. DTsallis_kNN_k_estimation.m: 'alpha-1' -> '1-alpha'.

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 D_alpha = estimate_Dalpha(X,Y,co);
-D = (D_alpha-1)/(co.alpha-1);
+D = (1-D_alpha)/(co.alpha-1);


     case {'Renyi_kNN_1tok','Renyi_kNN_S','Renyi_MST','Renyi_GSF'}
             alp = co.alpha; 
-            gam = d * (1-alp);
             sum_of_normalizedL = 0;      
         for k = 1 : num_of_MC_runs
 		    %L = compute_length_HRenyi_kNN_S(Y,co);
                     %L = compute_length_HRenyi_MST(Y,co);
                     %L = compute_length_HRenyi_GSF(Y,co);
-            sum_of_normalizedL = sum_of_normalizedL + L / (num_of_samples^(1-gam/d) ); 
+            sum_of_normalizedL = sum_of_normalizedL + L / (num_of_samples^alp); 
             if mod(k,10)==1
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