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+v0.42 (September 7, 2013):
+-Initialization and estimation of high-level information theoretical estimators (H/I/D/A/C/K): 'eval' changed to 'function handles' to speed up computations; see '<X>_initialization.m' and '<X>_estimation.m', where <X>='H'/'I'/'D'/'A'/'C'/'K'.
+-Cost object initialization now allows setting field values (alpha, number of kNN-s, ...) through its argument. This makes ITE more user-friendly. It also enables overriding default values and is useful in meta estimators for parameter inheritence. See 'post_initialization.m'; '<X>_initialization.m' and '<X><cost_name>_initialization.m', where <X>='H'/'I'/'D'/'A'/'C'/'K'. For the usage in meta estimators, see
+'HTsallis_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_DRenyi_initialization.m', 'ITsallis_DTsallis_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'DJensenRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'DJensenTsallis_HTsallis_initialization.m', 'DsymBregman_DBregman_initialization.m', 'KJS_DJS_initialization.m'. For further details, see doc: Section 3.3.2.
+-Quick tests introduced: consistency of the estimators, positive semi-definiteness of Gram matrices determined by distribution kernels, image registration; see directory 'quick_tests', doc: Section 5, Section F.
+Refactorization; documentation improved:
+-Function names added to the first line of the code descriptions to improve help.
+-Copyright information: detached from help (one empty line inserted before license information).
+-Homepage, email address: updated.
+-Importance of co.mult: explained in more detail (doc + code (see 'co.mult:OK...')).
+-co.alpha: changed to be the same in all Renyi/Tsallis estimators, co.alpha = 0.99 -- uniformity. 
+-Typo discovered and corrected: 'HShannon_DKL_N_estimation.m': 'Y_normal = ... + m' -> 'Y_normal = ... + repmat(m,1,num_of_samples)' (typo for d>1).
+-Directory 'H_I_D_A_C_K' renamed to 'estimators'. 'ITE_install.m': updated accordingly.
+-Comment on the relation between mutual information and total correlation (or multi-information): added [doc + code (see 'IShannon_HShannon_initialization.m')].
+-To ease the usage of ITE 'ITE_add_to_path.m' and 'ITE_remove_from_path.m': added. These functions make it possible to add/remove the ITE code directory to/from the Matlab/Octave PATH.
+-Explicit instructions for the installation of the toolbox added to 'ITE_install.m' when no compilation is carried out.
+-'HRPensemble_estimation.m': verification that 'RP dimension <= dimension of the samples' added.
+-'mexme.m' (=compilation of KDP): an alternative compilation option added.
+-In pathological cases (quite small dimension and large number of samples) the estimated Renyi additive constant (see 'estimate_HRenyi_constant.m') can be Inf. This case is now handled by introducing 'replace_Infs_with_max.m', see 'compute_length_HRenyi_kNN_1tok.m', 'compute_length_HRenyi_kNN_S.m'.
+- 'MatlabBGL' and the associated GSF based Renyi entropy estimator ('HRenyi_GSF_initialization.m', HRenyi_GSF_estimation.m', 'compute_length_HRenyi_GSF.m'): deleted (self-containedness improved + space considerations); 'compute_MST.m','HRenyi_MST_initialization.m', 'HRenyi_MST_estimation.m': modified accordingly.
+-The embedded 'sqdistance.m' (squared Euclidean distance computation) function could give some small, but negative values in the diagonal of 'sqdistance(Y)'; corrected. 
+-'Guideance' on the choice of the estimators: included, see doc: Section 3.4.
+-Figure listing all the estimators and their relations: added, see doc: Section 3.3.2: Fig. 1.
+-Note on compiler requirements: added (see doc).
+-ITE_install.m: made to be more user-friendly; detection of the already (i) deleted 'ann_wrapperO'/'ann_wrapperM' directory, (ii) downloaded ARfit package: added.
 v0.41 (July 12, 2013):
 -Probability product kernel estimation based on k-nearest neighbors: added; see 'KPP_kNN_k_initialization.m' and 'KPP_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
 -Jensen-Shannon kernel estimation: added; see 'KJS_DJS_initialization.m' and 'KJS_DJS_estimation.m'.