ITE / code / H_I_D_A_C / meta_estimators / DKL_CCE_HShannon_estimation.m

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Zoltan Szabo
K and L divergence estimation: added; see 'DK_DKL_initialization.m', 'DK_DKL_estimation.m', 'DL_DKL_initialization.m', 'DL_DKL_estimation.m'. Handling 'Y==Q' in case of co.kNNmethod = 'knnsearch': included; see 'kNN_squared_distances.m'. Dimension verification: added to (i) meta estimators, see 'ITsallis_DTsallis_estimation.m', 'DEnergyDist_DMMD_estimation.m', 'DJdistance_estimation.m', 'DJensenRenyi_HRenyi_estimation.m', 'DJensenShannon_HShannon_estimation.m', 'DKL_CCE_HShannon_estimation.m'; (ii) utilities; see 'estimate_Dtemp1.m', 'e…
Zoltan Szabo
Association (A) cost object type and three multivariate extensions of Spearman's rho: added; see 'A_initialization.m', 'A_estimation.m', 'ASpearman1_initialization.m', 'ASpearman1_estimation.m', 'ASpearman2_initialization.m', 'ASpearman2_estimation.m', 'ASpearman3_initialization.m', 'ASpearman3_estimation.m'. Directory 'H_I_D_C' renamed to 'H_I_D_A_C'; 'ITE_install.m' modified accordingly. Verification of the H/I/D/C function arguments: unified across different estimators. Further verification (compatibility of ds and Y): added to I-estimators (the estimations have not changed). Some comment unification: carried out.