Installation fails when I select no compilation

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Hi there,

I do not have compilers in my installation, so I selected all the compilation options to 0. However, installation fails. This the message I get.

??? Undefined function or method 'ann' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in ==> ITE_install at 120 ann_object = ann(Y);

Any solution?


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  1. Zoltán Szabó repo owner


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Without compilation of the embedded (C/C++) dedicated solvers for NCut, ann, knn, and Cholesky decomposition, you will not be able to exploit all the strengths of ITE. Thus, I definitely suggest you to install a compiler.

    ITE, however provides purely Matlab/Octave methods, too (which do not require compilation, but are somewhat slower):

    1. For k-nearest neighbor computation: you can use (set co.kNNmethod accordingly) 'kNNFP2', or 'knnsearch' (from the Statistics Toolbox of Matlab); see Table 16 in the documentation (doc/ITE_documentation.pdf). Examples for usage can be found in the initialization functions of the H/I/D estimators, see, e.g., 'HRenyi_kNN_1tok_initialization.m'.

    2. For spectral clustering (NCut alternatives): the options are summarized in Table 10, the Matlab/Octave ones are 'SP1', 'SP2' and 'SP3'.

    3. For Cholesky decomposition: ITE includes 'chol_gauss.m', which is called by default if no compilation has been carried out.


    P.s.: I updated 'ITE_install.m' ('') to perform only the 'compiled' quick tests. I am a greedy user;) For exact details, see 83301e0.

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