Compilation is right but 'Installation test' is wrong?

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Hi, Zoltan
I runned the 'ITE_install.m'. The compilation is corrected. But the installation test is wrong and shows. Can you help me with that?1.png

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  1. Zoltán Szabó repo owner


    Thanks for the comment.

    It looks like either 'annmex' did not compile successfully for you, or it does not show up on your Matlab path.

    A few questions:

    1) What operating system (Linux/Windows/...), architecture (32-bit/64-bit), C++ compiler [I have good experience with gcc (Linux), Microsoft Visual C++ (Windows)] are you using?

    2) Do you see the mex file under 'code/shared/embedded/ann_wrapperM/@ ann/private'? For me (=64-bit Linux) it is called 'annmex.mexa64; the precise extension depends on your answer to '1)'.

    3) Does it help if you add to the Matlab path all the sub-folders of 'code'? You can do it by cd-ing to 'code' and issuing 'addpath(genpath(pwd))'. Then rerun the relevant test:

    Y = rand(3,100); Q = rand(3,200);

    I only ask this question for safety reason, this operation is in 'ITE_install.m' so it should have been run by default.


    P.s.: You can also check out "". It contains all the relevant estimators, and it only relies on the standard SciPy ecosystem. One of the reasons I created Python ITE is precisely to get rid of all external dependencies & compilations.

  2. 郑策 reporter

    Hi, Zoltan
    1. It's windows 10 and I installed the 'MinGW64 Compiler (C++)'. During the installation process, it goes well at first. But when it comes to the ‘Installation test’, it goes wrong:2.png
    2. I found two files: 'annmex.cpp' and 'annmex.h'. But no 'annmex.mexa64'. What do you mean answer '1'?
    3. It does not help adding the path. Running the test goes well. But I want to measure the KL divergence, which is no possible right now. I ran the example 6 in your 'documentation', and it returns this:
    I think it is still 'annmex' missing.
    Thanks for your reply. I will try with the python.

  3. Zoltán Szabó repo owner
    • The ending is not always '.mexa64'; you can check yours by the recipe given at
    • You can try alternative C++ compilers on Windows, e.g. Microsoft Visual C++.
    • The relevant part of the kNN computation is in 'kNN_squared_distances.m'; you can also check the 'ANN' alternatives. They can be used in the same way as 'ANN' in KL divergence/... estimation.
    • On the longer term, I suggest you to use Python.



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