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Majd Zreik
created an issue


First of all, what a great job you did here!! chapeau!

I think there is a missing .m file, I get the following error when trying to run the GV estimator: Undefined function 'IGV_estimation'....

thanks, Majd

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  1. Zoltán Szabó repo owner

    Hi Majd,

    Thanks for the compliment;) There also exist many exciting measures/methods that is worth/I plan to add to ITE in the future.

    'IGV_estimation.m': yes, it has not been implemented (see 'IGV_initialization.m': comments) since it can be more efficiently computed for many signals at once, see 'I_similarity_matrix.m': 'IGV_similarity_matrix.m'.

    At the same time, I find the question natural. I will add an 'IGV_estimation.m' function to the next release (at the latest).


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