ann installation seems to fail

Issue #8 resolved
braulio barahona
created an issue

Instalation passes all tests. Then when I try to run the toolbox, it seems that I ann installation did not work?

I get the following error:

Undefined function or variable 'annmex'.

Error in get_data_class (line 3)
d = annmex();

Error in ann (line 110)
[anno.ccls anno.cfun] = get_data_class();

Error in kNN_squared_distances (line 58)
            ann_object = ann(Y);

Error in HShannon_kNN_k_estimation (line 29)
squared_distances = kNN_squared_distances(Y,Y,co,1);

Error in mutual_information (line 25)
        H = HShannon_kNN_k_estimation(Y1,co); %perform entropy

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