-compute_CDSS.cpp: 'sqrt(T)' -> 'sqrt(double(T))', to increase compatibility with compilers.
-Note on Jensen-Shannon divergence: deleted (doc).

v0.18 (Nov 10, 2012):
-8 sample spacing based 1d Shannon/Rényi entropy estimators: added; see 'HShannon_spacing_V_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_V_estimation.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vb_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vb_estimation.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vpconst_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vpconst_estimation.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vplin_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_Vplin_estimation.m', 'HShannon_spacing_LL_initialization.m', 'HShannon_spacing_LL_estimation.m', 'HRenyi_spacing_V_initialization.m', 'HRenyi_spacing_V_estimation.m', 'HRenyi_spacing_E_initialization.m', 'HRenyi_spacing_E_estimation.m', 'HRenyi_CDSS_initialization.m', 'HRenyi_CDSS_estimation.m'.
-minimum spanning tree, geodesic spanning forest: reference updated (doc+comments); For the latter, see 'HRenyi_MST_estimation', 'HRenyi_GSF_estimation.m'.
-A note on a built-in helping automatism of meta estimators: added (comments); see 'HTsallis_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_DRenyi_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'ITsallis_DTsallis_initialization.m'.
-some 'co.mul=mult' -> 'co.mult=mult' typo corrected (to be precise, the computations were OK); see 'ITsallis_DTsallis_initialization.m', 'IShannon_HShannon_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'IRenyi_DRenyi_initialization.m', 'IL2_DL2_initialization.m', 'Icomplex_initialization.m', 'HRPensemble_initialization.m', 'Hensemble_initialization.m', 'Hcomplex_initialization.m'.

v0.17 (Nov 6, 2012):
-Edgeworth expansion based Shannon entropy estimator: accelerated (C++ alternative); see 'Edgeworth_t1_t2_t3.cpp'.
-'Tsallis entropy <- Renyi entropy' meta estimator: added; see 'HTsallis_HRenyi_initialization.m', 'HTsallis_HRenyi_estimation.m'. 

v0.16 (Nov 2, 2012):
-Edgeworth expansion based Shannon entropy estimator: added; see 'HShannon_Edgeworth_initialization.m', 'HShannon_Edgeworth_estimation.m'.
-Lookup table for the underlying H/I/D estimation formulas: added (see ITE_documentation.pdf: Section C).
-estimate_HRenyi_constant.m: simplified; gam: deleted.

v0.15 (Oct 29, 2012):
-The Hellinger and Bhattacharyya distances are now available in ITE. They can be estimated via k-nearest neighbor methods; see 'DHellinger_kNN_k_initialization.m', 'DHellinger_kNN_k_estimation.m', 'DBhattacharyya_kNN_k_initialization.m', and 'DBhattacharyya_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-volume_of_the_unit_ball.m: added. 
-DL2_kNN_k_estimation.m: a '/'->'*' typo corrected (c: volume of the unit ball).

v0.14 (Oct 29, 2012):
-Monte-Carlo simulation to compute the additive constants in Renyi entropy estimation: added; see 'estimate_HRenyi_constant.m'.
-compute_length_HRenyi_MST.m: pdist -> sqdistance (acceleration).
-The embedded 'knnFP1' method can produce an '1e-15' rounding error in squared_distances => W is not _perfectly_ sym. (in the verification of compute_MST.m:kruskal_mst.m), correction made; see 'compute_length_HRenyi_GSF.m'.
-kNN_squared_distances.m, co.kNNmethod='knnFP2': for compatibility reasons variable 'indices' has been converted to int32.

v0.13 (Oct 27, 2012):
-Tsallis entropy is now available in ITE; it can be estimated via k-nearest neighbors, see 'HTsallis_kNN_k_initialization.m', 'HTsallis_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-A '/'->'*' typo corrected in 'HRenyi_kNN_k_estimation.m'; see 'estimate_Ialpha.m' (V: volume of the unit ball).

v0.12 (Oct 27, 2012):
-Schweizer-Wolff's sigma and kappa: added; see 'ISW1_initialization.m', 'ISW1_estimation.m', 'ISWinf_initialization.m', 'ISWinf_estimation.m'.
-Hoeffding's Phi computation: scaled-up (C++ alternative); see 'Hoeffding_term1.cpp'.
-HRenyi_weightedkNN_initialization.m: contained a superfluous co.k parameter, deleted.
-chol_gauss.c: a superfluous 'double *y' variable deleted.
-dY==dX (dimension of Y and X) verification added to 'DRenyi_kNN_k_estimation.m', 'DTsallis_kNN_k_estimation.m', 'DL2_kNN_k_estimation.m'.
-some comments improved.

v0.11 (Oct 20, 2012):
-multivariate version of the Hoeffding's Phi estimator: added (see 'IHoeffding_initialization.m', 'IHoeffding_estimation.m').
-ITE_install.m: updated to perform only the 'compiled' quick tests. I am a greedy user;) See #1.

v0.1 (Oct 10, 2012): initial release.
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