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  2. go2xunit


go2xunit 0.2.5

Converts go test -v (or gocheck -vv) output to xunit compatible XML output (used in Jenkins/Hudson).


go get bitbucket.org/tebeka/go2xunit


By default go2xunit reads data from standard input and emits XML to standard output. However you can use -input and -output flags to change this.

The -fail switch will cause go2xunit to exit with non zero status if there are failed tests.

go test -v | go2xunit -output tests.xml

go2xunit also works with gocheck.

go test -gocheck.vv | go2xunit -gocheck -output tests.xml

Here's an example script (run-tests.sh) that can be used with Jenkins/Hudson.



go test -v | tee $outfile
go2xunit -fail -input $outfile -output tests.xml


Miki Tebeka miki.tebeka@gmail.com

Bug reports go here.