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PYTHON DOCUMENTATION TO-DO LIST			-*- indented-text -*-

* Document native package semantics.  (Where?  Guido?)

* Figure out indexing in the HTML version.  Fix module index for Library

* Update the pickle documentation to describe all of the current behavior;
  only a subset is described.  __reduce__, etc.

* Review libppath.tex for completeness, & system-specific behaviors.

* Clean up upgrade to LaTeX2HTML 98.1.  Most important: figure out a way to
  avoid image creation, & if necessary, make sure image creation at least
  doesn't fail.

* Separate modules which share a section.  (UserDict/UserList, and one
  other which I can't recall at the moment.)

* Find a way to get the <PRE> for a {verbatim} *inside* the <dl> used to
  indent the code sample even on the new LaTeX2HTML.  Needed for Lynx.