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updated version 0.7

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+0.7 (2012-10-20)
+* the types in the arguments are specified by the types themselves (#1)
 0.6 (2012-03-29)
 * add generating data feature from function annotation
-    @pytest.mark.randomize(("i1", "int"), ("i2", "int"), ncalls=1)
+    @pytest.mark.randomize(i1=int, i2=int, ncalls=1)
     def test_generate_ints(i1, i2):
 More complex data structure::
-        ("d1", "{'x': int, 'y': [str, (int, int)], 'z': {'x': str}}")
+        d1={'x': int, 'y': [str, (int, int)], 'z': {'x': str}}
     def test_generate_dict(d1):
     @pytest.mark.parametrize("prime", [2, 3, 5])
-    @pytest.mark.randomize(("i1", "int"), ("f1", "float"), ncalls=1)
+    @pytest.mark.randomize(i1=int, f1=float, ncalls=1)
     def test_gen_parametrize_with_randomize_int_float(prime, i1, f1):
-    @pytest.mark.randomize(("i1", "int"), fixed_length=8)
+    @pytest.mark.randomize(i1=int, fixed_length=8)
     def test_generate_arg_anns_mixed(i1, s1: str):
 See also: `PEP 3107 -- Function Annotations`_
 .. _PEP 3107 -- Function Annotations:
+Backward Compatibility
+Under 0.6 version, types were specified by strings containing the name
+of the type. It's still supported if you like.
+    @pytest.mark.randomize(("i1", "int"), ("i2", "int"), ncalls=1)
 from setuptools import setup
-VERSION = "0.6"
+VERSION = "0.7"
 REQUIRES = ["pytest>=2.2", "distribute"]
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