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TracChangeFileBiffPlugin is useful to query or monitor certain file in the repository when someone will update it.

Note: TracChangeFileBiffPlugin requires Trac 1.0 or higher since it uses the list format of text type. (TracTicketsCustomFields)


  • Provides a feature like Biff for file in repository


  • Enable TracChangeFileBiffPlugin in Plugins page.

  • Access to File Biff admin panel

The option of ticket-custom section would be added when you access to File Biff admin page like this.

filebiff = text
filebiff.format = list
filebiff.label = Biff       ; change filed label as you like
filebiff.multiple = true    ; this option is used by TracMultiSelectBoxPlugin
filebiff.options =          ; will be set when you configure File Biff settings
filebiff.size = 3           ; this option is used by TracMultiSelectBoxPlugin
filebiff.matching_pattern = fnmatch ; glob matching pattern (fnmatch or gitignore)
  • Configure a File Biff settings


* White-space is not allowed to include into Name
* Cc and Filename are configured multiple values separated by comma.
* The glob pattern for Filename is allowed
* The glob pattern is configurable in `filebiff.matching_pattern` of `[ticket-custom]`. The possible values are (default: `fnmatch`):
    * `fnmatch`: standard glob pattern by [fnmatch module]( "fnmatch module").
    * `gitignore`: gitignore sytle pattern by [pathspec library]( "pathspec library").

Added [changefilebiff] section after you configured File Biff settings like this.

[changefilebiff] = user1
biff.2e320ca20d1aed6a.filename = *.txt, *.text = text-files = user2, guest1
biff.319ddde3cb437ffc.filename = *.properties = property-files = user1, user2
biff.dd487b83e5e76d08.filename = *.gif, *.png, *.jpg = Image-files
biff_keys = dd487b83e5e76d08, 319ddde3cb437ffc, 2e320ca20d1aed6a

Operation Tips

integrate TracMultiSelectBoxPlugin

To integrate TracMultiSelectBoxPlugin is good practice for ticket maintenance like this.