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TracMultiSelectBoxPlugin treats pseudo multipul select values with the ticket custom field.

Note: TracMultiSelectBoxPlugin requires Trac 1.0 or higher since it uses the list format of text type. (TracTicketsCustomFields)


  • Provide simple multiple select values field

As compared to other alternatives, this plugin is intended to be simple and light weight, easy to use.


To use multiple select values like this:

multiselectbox.filter.multiselectbox = enabled

multiselectfield = text
multiselectfield.format = list
multiselectfield.label = my custom field
multiselectfield.multiple = true
multiselectfield.options = foo bar baz  ; each value is delimited with space
multiselectfield.size = 4               ; size attribute passed to select tag
multiselectfield.value = bar            ; default value when new ticket is created

Operation Tips

revert function

To revert multiple select values during you are editing. Unfortunately, Trac don't care about it. (confirmed 1.0.2) To use Trac's revert function, you must apply a patch included in the source distribution.

$ cd path/to/trac
$ patch -p0 < patch/support-multipleselct-for-reverthandler-trac10.patch
$ restart Trac


This plugin was inspired by MultiSelectFieldPlugin. MultiSelectFieldPlugin is good choice if you're finding more rich selectbox.