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-include buildout.cfg
 include LICENSE
 recursive-include ticketref *.py *.txt *.html *.css *.js *.png *.pot *.po *.mo
 This plugin adds "Relationships" fields to each ticket, enabling you
-to express cross-reference between tickets. 
+to express cross-reference between tickets.
+* Provide simple cross-reference as Trac custom field (``ticketref``)
+* Create new ticket with related ticket's field value
+* Picking up the referred ticket in comment
     ticketref.* = enabled
+    ticketref = textarea
+    ticketref.label = Relationships
+    ticketref.cols = 68
+    ticketref.rows = 1
+If you want to show more small field, change as follows::
+    [ticket-custom]
     ticketref = text
     ticketref.label = Relationships
-Custom fields
-While the field names must be ``ticketref``, you are free to use any
-text for the field labels.
+i18n/l10n Support
+This plugin is able to localize field label or message.
+You can translate into your language using ``ticketref/locale/messages.pot``.
+And then, I'm willing to merge your contribution into the distribution.
+So, let me know if you localized ``ticketref/locale/messages.pot``.
+.. seealso::
+    See `Localization (L10N) of Trac`_
+.. _Localization (L10N) of Trac:
 from os.path import join as pathjoin
 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
-VERSION = "0.1.0"
+VERSION = "0.2.0"
         "ticketref": [
+            "templates/*.png",
-            "templates/*.png",