Conflict Validation Not working

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== Reproducible: == Always

== Steps to Reproduce: ==

User1 opens and edits the Ticket1 with blank at Relationships field.

User2 adds a relationship from Ticket2 to Ticket1, and then saves it.

User1 saves the Ticket1.

== Actual results: == Ticket1 is succeeded to save with no relationships when User1 submitted. Because the relationships is overwritten after User2 submitted the changes.

== Expected Results: == It failed to save Ticket1 when User1 submitted and occurred the conflict warnings.

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  1. Tetsuya Morimoto repo owner

    Trac checks ticket["changetime"] in ticket table and req.args.get("ts") for conflict validation. The other ticket["changetime"] linked with ticket["ticketref"] has not updated when it stores into ticket_custom table.

    So, updating the "changetime" in ticket table when ticket_custom table is updated occurs conflict warnings. (fixed in c6f055dfac1b)

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