Not getting all ticket types

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When i run the script:


import xmlrpclib server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("http://user:pass@localhost/projects/project/login/xmlrpc")

print the content of WikiStart

print server.ticket.type.getAll()

It shows me ony:


But I have other types of tickets.

In integration with Eclipse, the same goes. I welcome any help. Thanks!

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  1. Tetsuya Morimoto repo owner

    Is this ticketrerf-plugin issue? I tried to request via xmlrpc, it's working. Why don't you upgrade latest version for each plugin?

    >>> from xmlrpclib import ServerProxy
    >>> p = ServerProxy('http://id:password@myserver/project/login/rpc')
    >>> p.system.getAPIVersion()
    [1, 1, 2]
    >>> p.ticket.type.getAll()
    ['defect', 'enhancement', 'task']
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