Plugin fails in newer versions of Trac (Trac 1.1+)

Issue #8 closed
Former user created an issue

The following is thrown in Trac 1.1+:

AttributeError: 'Environment' object has no attribute 'get_db_cnx'

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  1. Ryan Ollos

    I see the following error when trying to run the tests, worked around by removing the [pytest] section from setup.cfg:

    $python -m pytest tests
    usage: [options] [file_or_dir] [file_or_dir] [...] error: unrecognized arguments: --pep8
      inifile: /Users/rjollos/Documents/Workspace/th-dev/TracTicketReferencePlugin/trac.plugins.ticketref/setup.cfg
      rootdir: /Users/rjollos/Documents/Workspace/th-dev/TracTicketReferencePlugin/trac.plugins.ticketref
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