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update history and version number for bug release

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- virtualenvwrapper 2.11
+ virtualenvwrapper 2.11.1
 What is virtualenvwrapper
 making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without
 introducing conflicts in their dependencies.
-What's New in 2.11
+What's New in 2.11.1
-- Add ``-a`` option to ``mkvirtualenv`` to associate a
-  new virtualenv with an existing project directory. Contributed by
-  Mike Fogel.
-- Drops support for Python 2.4 and 2.5. The tools may still work,
-  but I no longer have a development environment set up for testing
-  them, so I do not officially support them.
-- Shortcut initialization if it has run before.
-- Set hook log file permissions to be group-writable. (issue 62)
-  ``.project`` file used to link a virtualenv to a project can be
-  renamed to avoid conflicts with other tools. (issue 120)
+- Fixes a bug with tab completion in sub-shell environments such as
+  screen and tmux introduced in 2.11.


 Release History
+  - Remove the initialization shortcut because it breaks tab
+    completion in sub-shell environments like screen and
+    tmux. (:bbissue:`121`)
   - Add ``-a`` option to :ref:`command-mkvirtualenv` to associate a
 PROJECT = 'virtualenvwrapper'
 # Change docs/sphinx/ too!
-VERSION = '2.11'
+VERSION = '2.11.1'
 # Bootstrap installation of Distribute
 import distribute_setup
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