The aeom module provides the Asynchronizer class. An Asynchronizer object will evaluate methods of your favorite python object in a separate worker process. To do this you call the compute method of an Asynchronizer with the name of the method in the form object.method and, optionally, any args or kwargs to be passed to the method. Subsequent calls to the compute method with the same parameters will return the worker process until the worker process has finished the computation, and the (cached) result thereafter.

The intended application is to allow a GUI application to do a CPU-bound computation without becoming unresponsive. Such an application can call the compute method on a timer, e.g. using window.after in Tkinter, until the answer has been computed.

This is a pure Python module which is published on PyPi and installable with pip:

pip install aeom

The source code is here.


Copyright 2018-present by Marc Culler, Nathan Dunfield, and others.

All parts of this package are released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or (at your discretion) any later version as published by the Free Software Foundation.