Installation Instructions

This is a pure python package. It requires Python 2.2 or newer. It also requires SnapPeaPython and FXrays, available from http://www.math.uic.edu/t3m

If you have superuser privileges on your UNIX system:

python setup.py build python setup.py install

This will install t3m in the site-packages directory of your python installation.

If are not a superuser and wish to install t3m in your home directory:

python setup.py build python setup.py install --install-lib ~

This will create a subdirectory of your home directory named t3m containing the package. In order for python to find the package you must add this directory to your PYTHONPATH environment variable. For example:


Bugs and Comments

Please email bugs, comments, or offers of assistance, to either or both of:

culler@math.uic.edu nathand@math.harvard.edu

Last Update

The date of the last update is contained in the file named timestamp in the root directory of the distribution.