Derek Harland committed 5ace0f6

Add mssql_ordering option for mssql dialect

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         if index.kwargs.get("mssql_clustered"):
             text += "CLUSTERED "
+        # extend the custom ordering to the right length
+        ordering = index.kwargs.get("mssql_ordering", [])
+        if len(ordering) > len(index.columns):
+            raise ValueError("Column ordering length is incompatible with index columns")
+        elif len(ordering) < len(index.columns):
+            ordering.extend([""]*(len(index.columns) - len(ordering)))
         text += "INDEX %s ON %s (%s)" \
                     % (
-                       preparer.format_table(index.table),
-                       ', '.join(preparer.quote(, c.quote)
-                                 for c in index.columns))
+                        preparer.format_table(index.table),
+                        ', '.join([preparer.quote(, c.quote) + (" " + o if o else "")
+                                   for c, o in zip(index.columns, ordering)]))
         return text
     def visit_drop_index(self, drop):


                             "CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX foo ON test (id)"
+    def test_index_ordering(self):
+        metadata = MetaData()
+        tbl = Table('test', metadata,
+                    Column('x', Integer), Column('y', Integer), Column('z', Integer))
+        idx = Index("foo", tbl.c.x, "y", mssql_ordering=['DESC'])
+        self.assert_compile(schema.CreateIndex(idx),
+                            "CREATE INDEX foo ON test (x DESC, y)"
+                            )
 class SchemaAliasingTest(fixtures.TestBase, AssertsCompiledSQL):
     """SQL server cannot reference schema-qualified tables in a SELECT statement, they
     must be aliased.
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