django-treebeard / treebeard / tests /

"Django settings for testing treebeard"

import random
import string

import os

def get_db_conf():
    conf, options = {}, {}
    for name in ('ENGINE', 'NAME', 'USER', 'PASSWORD', 'HOST', 'PORT'):
        conf[name] = os.environ.get('DATABASE_' + name, '')
    engine = conf['ENGINE']
    if engine == '':
        engine = 'sqlite3'
    elif engine in ('pgsql', 'postgres', 'postgresql', 'psycopg2'):
        engine = 'postgresql_psycopg2'
    if '.' not in engine:
        engine = 'django.db.backends.' + engine
    conf['ENGINE'] = engine

    if engine == 'django.db.backends.sqlite3':
        conf['TEST_NAME'] = conf['NAME'] = ':memory:'
    elif engine in ('django.db.backends.mysql',
        if not conf['NAME']:
            conf['NAME'] = 'treebeard'

        # randomizing the test db name,
        # so we can safely run multiple
        # tests at the same time
        conf['TEST_NAME'] = "test_%s_%s" % (
            ''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_letters) for _ in range(15))

        if conf['USER'] == '':
            conf['USER'] = {
                'django.db.backends.mysql': 'root',
                'django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2': 'postgres'
        if engine == 'django.db.backends.mysql':
            conf['OPTIONS'] = {
                'init_command': 'SET storage_engine=INNODB,'
    return conf

DATABASES = {'default': get_db_conf()}
SECRET_KEY = '7r33b34rd'

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