feedjack / CHANGES


Feedjack 0.9.12
* Feedjack is now django-unicode compliant
* Using max_length instead of maxlength in to prevent warnings in
* Patched fjlib to use the new django refactored database backends
* Disabling autoscaping for post contents in the included templates
* Handling of feedparser returning an empty etag
* Fixing encoding related problems in tag urls
* Non-integer page parameters should be handled correctly

Feedjack 0.9.10
* Fixing CSS tags for styles 4 and 5
* feedjack_update now strip()s tags before storing them
* feedjack_update shows the feed number being processed
* We no longer cache the tags in feedjack_update, it had encoding problems and
  makes the script safe to run more than one instance at the same time

Feedjack 0.9.9
* Fixed i18n related bugs in the templates
* Fixed a bug related to the --settings option in
* The feeds per user, tag and user/tag are working again
* You can choose between rss2 and atom in the feeds for user, tag and user/tag
* The default /feed/ url now redirects to /feed/atom/ instead of /feed/rss/ 

Feedjack 0.9.8
* Internationalization (petar)
* Fixed and infinite loop in (do'h!) (petar)
* Added Serbian (Latin) translation (petar)
* Updated the feedparser calls in (petar)
* Added Spanish translation (predius)

Feedjack 0.9.7
* The request handler uses PATH_INFO when REQUEST_URI is not available (like
  in Django's development server)
* Etags keep their quotation marks when stored.
* The got a lot of love:
  - Every option has a help string (try with --help)
  - A --verbose option. Default behavior is non-verbose and shows only the
    current feed being analyzed and errors.
  - A --timeout option to set the wait timeout in seconds when connecting to

Feedjack 0.9.6
* Fixed a bug in the script that wasn't handling the
  same blog with multiple feeds correctly.

Feedjack 0.9.5
* First public release