feedjack / CHANGES


Feedjack 0.9.14
* Lots of fixes/improvements in
  - better unicode handling on logging, this will prevent feeds not updating
    when using the --verbose flag
  - Multithreaded feed fetching, needs the threadpool module, available in
    By default 10 threads will be used, can be modified with the -w option
    If the threadpool module is not available, the old (SLOW) single
    threaded method will be used.
  - Improved logging. Since multiple feeds can be processed in parallel now,
    all log entries go in a single line, with the feed id as a prefix.
  - Stats in the logging, how many new posts, updated posts, unmodified posts
    and errors were found per feed and globally, and feed status (ok,
    unchanged, can't parse feed, http error, some exception)
  - Reporting slow feeds, if a feed takes longer than 10 seconds to process, it
    will appear in the logs with the tag "(SLOW FEED!)"

Feedjack 0.9.12
* Feedjack is now django-unicode compliant
* Using max_length instead of maxlength in to prevent warnings in
* Patched fjlib to use the new django refactored database backends
* Disabling autoscaping for post contents in the included templates
* Handling of feedparser returning an empty etag
* Fixing encoding related problems in tag urls
* Non-integer page parameters should be handled correctly

Feedjack 0.9.10
* Fixing CSS tags for styles 4 and 5
* feedjack_update now strip()s tags before storing them
* feedjack_update shows the feed number being processed
* We no longer cache the tags in feedjack_update, it had encoding problems and
  makes the script safe to run more than one instance at the same time

Feedjack 0.9.9
* Fixed i18n related bugs in the templates
* Fixed a bug related to the --settings option in
* The feeds per user, tag and user/tag are working again
* You can choose between rss2 and atom in the feeds for user, tag and user/tag
* The default /feed/ url now redirects to /feed/atom/ instead of /feed/rss/ 

Feedjack 0.9.8
* Internationalization (petar)
* Fixed and infinite loop in (do'h!) (petar)
* Added Serbian (Latin) translation (petar)
* Updated the feedparser calls in (petar)
* Added Spanish translation (predius)

Feedjack 0.9.7
* The request handler uses PATH_INFO when REQUEST_URI is not available (like
  in Django's development server)
* Etags keep their quotation marks when stored.
* The got a lot of love:
  - Every option has a help string (try with --help)
  - A --verbose option. Default behavior is non-verbose and shows only the
    current feed being analyzed and errors.
  - A --timeout option to set the wait timeout in seconds when connecting to

Feedjack 0.9.6
* Fixed a bug in the script that wasn't handling the
  same blog with multiple feeds correctly.

Feedjack 0.9.5
* First public release