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Jason Harris  committed 4697057

- Go with new application icon provided by Rick. I quite like it but I am a little scared
that the anti aliasing of its edges might prove problematic. I'll see what everyone
else thinks.
- Change the splash icon (provided by Rick) and make the icon not quite so jaggie on its

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File English.lproj/BackingPane.xib

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 			<string key="NS.object.0">740</string>
 		<array class="NSMutableArray" key="IBDocument.EditedObjectIDs">
-			<integer value="37"/>
+			<integer value="38"/>
 		<array key="IBDocument.PluginDependencies">
 															<string>NeXT Encapsulated PostScript v1.2 pasteboard type</string>
 															<string>NeXT TIFF v4.0 pasteboard type</string>
-														<string key="NSFrame">{{18, 60}, {469, 246}}</string>
+														<string key="NSFrame">{{31, 100}, {421, 205}}</string>
 														<reference key="NSSuperview" ref="866118483"/>
 														<int key="NSViewLayerContentsRedrawPolicy">2</int>
 														<bool key="NSEnabled">YES</bool>

File Images/ApplicationIcons/APPL.icns

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File Images/ApplicationIcons/MacHgDocument.icns

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File Images/SplashTitles/MacHgSpash.png

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