Jason Harris committed 591d896

- Fix issue 50. If the stringByResolvingSymlinksAndAliases returns null Ie the path is no
longer there, then degrade gracefully. This issue actually only occurred after the
switch to handling symlinks better.

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 		if ([path length] < PATH_MAX)
+			NSString* cachedPath = path;
 			path = [path stringByResolvingSymlinksAndAliases];
-			path = caseSensitiveFilePath(path);
+			if (path)
+				path = caseSensitiveFilePath(path);
+			else
+				path = cachedPath;
 			NSRunCriticalAlertPanel(@"Max Path Length exceeded", fstr(@"The maximum path length for the path to the repository root was exceeded. Functionality for this repository could be erratic. The path is", path), @"OK", nil, nil);