Jason Harris  committed b909c57

- Fix issue 47. If the user has set WarnAboutBadMercurialConfiguration to false then
ignore startup warnings.

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File Classes/Application/AppController.m

 	NSArray* versionArgs = [NSArray arrayWithObject:@"version"];
 	NSString* hgBinary = executableLocationHG();
 	ExecutionResult* results = [TaskExecutions synchronouslyExecute:hgBinary withArgs:versionArgs onTask:nil];
-	if ([results hasWarnings])
+	if ([results hasWarnings] && WarnAboutBadMercurialConfigurationFromDefaults())
 		NSString* mainMessage = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"The version of Mercurial included with MacHg is producing the following warnings:\n\n%@\n\nMacHg might not function as intended. To resolve this check your configuration settings in your .hgrc file.", results.errStr];
 		RunCriticalAlertPanelWithSuppression(@"Mercurial Warnings", mainMessage, @"OK", nil, MHGWarnAboutBadMercurialConfiguration);