MacHg / LocalMercurial / hgext / histedit / tests / test-histedit-edit


cat >> $HGRCPATH <<EOF

echo "histedit=$(echo $(dirname $(dirname $0)))" >> $HGRCPATH

cat > $EDITED <<EOF
pick 177f92b77385 c
pick 055a42cdd887 d
edit e860deea161a e
pick 652413bf663e f
initrepo ()
    hg init r
    cd r
    for x in a b c d e f ; do
        echo $x > $x
        hg add $x
        hg ci -m $x


echo % log before edit
hg log --graph

echo % edit the history
HGEDITOR="cat $EDITED > " hg histedit 177f92b77385 2>&1 | grep -v 'saving bundle'

echo % edit the revision
echo a > e
HGEDITOR='echo "foobaz" > ' hg histedit --continue 2>&1 | grep -v 'saving bundle'

hg log --graph

echo '% contents of e:'
hg cat e

echo % EOF
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