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# Script that takes source code quality measurements.
# In shell because it will run in a *NIX node.

pip install pylint pep8 pytest coverage
coverage erase

# Combining the coverage data of all the test runs
# in the different OS/Python combinations.
find $WORKSPACE -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 2 -name '.coverage.*' -exec cp -v \{\} . \;
coverage combine
coverage report
coverage xml
coverage erase

# Remove the artifacts directories before getting the files list.
PYFILES="*.py test/*.py"
ALLFILES="* test/*"
sloccount --duplicates --wide --details $ALLFILES > 2>&1
pep8 $PYFILES > violations-pep8.txt 2>&1
pylint -f parseable $SRCFILES > violations-pylint.txt 2>&1