TSTableView by Tacticsoft

TSTableView is a plugin for Unity 4.6's new UI system that implements a Table with an API inspired by Apple's UITableView while obeying the standards set by Unity 4.6's GUI system.


  • Unity 4.6 introducted a new UI system, but it lacks a ready for use table component.
  • This implementation is built to support tables with a large number of rows, and makes use of lazy loading and object pooling to perform well.


  • Reusable (vertical) Table component, following MVC paradigm
  • No external dependencies, very small footprint
  • Can handle tables with large amounts of rows
  • Native iOS / Mac developers will feel at home

Setting up

  • If you would like to get a standalone Unity project of this component, consider cloning TSTableViewPackage instead. Don't forget to update submodules for the code itself to be included.
  • This repository contains just the code assets, so you can submodule / clone it directly into a directory of choice in your unity Assets directory.
  • You can also download the repository and place the files in your project.
  • Open the Examples directory to see example uses of the component.

Code Tutorial

  • The main component introduced is the TableView component. The rows inside the table view are created programmatically by the data source which creates generates TableViewCells when asked.
  • The intended usage of this component is to implement ITableViewDataSource with one behavior (the controller), and subclass TableViewCell (the view). It makes sense to create a prefab of the game object hierarchy containing the TableViewCell and instantiate that from the GetCellForRowInTableView call. Make sure to check for reusable cells before instantiating again.
  • The TableView component assumes a certain hierarchy structure, see the TableView Template prefab for details.
  • TableView should be placed later than "Default" in Script Execution Order

Missing features

  • Currently only vertical tables are supported, with one item per row
  • Performance can be better, but is already good enough for thousands of rows.
  • The VerticalLayoutGroup's spacing property can't change during runtime and must be smaller than the row height

Contribution guidelines

  • Create pull requests!

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