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Code structure

The engine is divided into different AMD modules, at the moment:

  • timesheets.js: implements the SMIL Timing and Synchronization features. It includes the time schedulers, and internal and external (HTML5 Media) timers. It does not handle parsing issues. Learn more
  • load_definitions.js: It receives JSON objects with the timing definitions, and uses them to create instances of timing objects (smilTimeElement), within a given scope in the DOM. Learn more
  • autoupdate.js, it re-evaluates timesheets when adding/removing DOM nodes to a document. The aim is to be similar to the re-evaluation of CSS stylesheets when a new node is added/removed to the DOM. Learn more
  • main.js: it loads the previous modules and makes their methods available, so you only need to load this module in an application. Also, on DOMReady event it scans the document for timesheets to load. Learn more
  • smil.js: this is a plugin for the AMD loader (eg. RequireJs, Curl,..), to load external timesheets in XML and convert them to a JSON object. It's located in the plugins folder of the loader, eg. /loader/plugins/smil.js