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IMSettings D-Bus interface

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I was testing IMSettings D-Bus interface methods from:

     name:  com.redhat.imsettings

object path:  /com/redhat/imsettings

interface:  com.redhat.imsettings

with my D-Bus fuzzer (https://github.com/matusmarhefka/dfuzzer).

From results of tests it appears that many IMSettings D-Bus methods are leaking memory. Also 3 crashes of IMSettings daemon occured during testing of methods GetInfoVariant, IsXIM and SwitchIM.

You can reproduce whole testing by clonning and running my fuzzer:

$ git clone https://github.com/matusmarhefka/dfuzzer.git

$ ./dfuzzer -n com.redhat.imsettings -o /com/redhat/imsettings -i com.redhat.imsettings -c -l imsettings.log

See the attached file 'imsettings.log' for further details.

Comments (4)

  1. Akira TAGOH repo owner

    What particularly things are leaked? that may be a known leak in GLib, particularly in slab allocator. in fact I don't see any wrong in imsettings from valgrind's log say.

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