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 ## Process this file with automake to produce Makefile.in
 # We require automake 1.6 at least.
 # Files not to distribute
 # for --rebuild-types in $(SCAN_OPTIONS), e.g. $(DOC_MODULE).types
 # for --rebuild-sections in $(SCAN_OPTIONS) e.g. $(DOC_MODULE)-sections.txt
+	$(DOC_MODULE).types			\
+	$(DOC_MODULE)-sections.txt		\
+	$(DOC_MODULE)-overrides.txt		\
+	$(NULL)
 # Comment this out if you want your docs-status tested during 'make check'


 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
                "http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/4.1.2/docbookx.dtd" [
-<!ENTITY GXimCore SYSTEM "xml/gximcore.xml">
-<!ENTITY GXimServerTemplate SYSTEM "xml/gximsrvtmpl.xml">
+<!ENTITY api-index-deprecated "xml/api-index-deprecated.xml">
+<!ENTITY api-index-full "xml/api-index-full.xml">
+<!ENTITY GXimAttr SYSTEM "xml/gximattr.xml">
+<!ENTITY GXimClientConnection SYSTEM "xml/gximclconn.xml">
 <!ENTITY GXimClientTemplate SYSTEM "xml/gximcltmpl.xml">
 <!ENTITY GXimConnection SYSTEM "xml/gximconnection.xml">
-<!ENTITY GXimServerConnection SYSTEM "xml/gximsrvconn.xml">
-<!ENTITY GXimClientConnection SYSTEM "xml/gximclconn.xml">
+<!ENTITY GXimCore SYSTEM "xml/gximcore.xml">
+<!ENTITY GXimError SYSTEM "xml/gximerror.xml">
+<!ENTITY GXimMessages SYSTEM "xml/gximmessages.xml">
+<!ENTITY Misc SYSTEM "xml/gximmisc.xml">
 <!ENTITY GXimProtocol SYSTEM "xml/gximprotocol.xml">
+<!ENTITY GXimServerConnection SYSTEM "xml/gximsrvconn.xml">
+<!ENTITY GXimServerTemplate SYSTEM "xml/gximsrvtmpl.xml">
 <!ENTITY GXimTransport SYSTEM "xml/gximtransport.xml">
-<!ENTITY GXimAttr SYSTEM "xml/gximattr.xml">
-<!ENTITY Misc SYSTEM "xml/gximmisc.xml">
-<!ENTITY GXimMessage SYSTEM "xml/gximmessage.xml">
 <!ENTITY obj-types SYSTEM "xml/gximtypes.xml">
 <!ENTITY version SYSTEM "version.xml">
+      <title>Base Interface Classes</title>
+      &GXimProtocol;
+      &GXimTransport;
+    </chapter>
+    <chapter>
+      <title>Low-level Classes</title>
+      &GXimServerConnection;
+      &GXimClientConnection;
+    </chapter>
+    <chapter>
+      <title>Attribute Accessor Classes</title>
+      &GXimAttr;
+    </chapter>
+    <chapter>
-      &GXimMessage;
+      &GXimMessages;
+      &GXimError;
+      &Misc;
     <xi:include href="xml/gximsrvconn.xml"/>
     <xi:include href="xml/gximcore.xml"/>
     <xi:include href="xml/gximtransport.xml"/>
-    <xi:include href="xml/gximmessage.xml"/>
+    <xi:include href="xml/gximmessages.xml"/>
     <xi:include href="xml/gximconnection.xml"/>
     <xi:include href="xml/gximerror.xml"/>
     <xi:include href="xml/gximtypes.xml"/>
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