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libgxim: GObject-based XIM protocol library

libgxim is a X Input Method (a.k.a. XIM) protocol library
that is implemented by GObject. this library helps you to
implement XIM servers or client applications to communicate
through XIM protocol without using Xlib API directly,
particularly if your application uses GObject-based main

How to debug
This software is still in the alpha phase. you may need to
gather the certain information to help us to debug this
software.  However, this section may not helps if your issue
is a kind of:

 * Performance issue
 * Issue in Input Method itself
 * Application specific issue

You may want to track your issue down before following up
the steps. that would be appreciated if you can find out the
way to reproduce it with the minimum effort.


 1. Set a filename to save the logs.

    $ dbus-send --session --type=signal /org/tagoh/libgxim org.tagoh.libgxim.SetFilename string:/path/to/logfile

 2. Enable the appropriate filters

    To enable all of filters:

    $ dbus-send --session --type=signal /org/tagoh/libgxim org.tagoh.libgxim.RemoveAllFilters
    $ dbus-send --session --type=signal /org/tagoh/libgxim org.tagoh.libgxim.AddFilter string:all

 3. Enable the logging facility

    $ dbus-send --session --type=signal /org/tagoh/libgxim org.tagoh.libgxim.Activate boolean:true
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