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Ninja, The Violent Sorceror Full Movie Hd 1080p Download


Foo Stephen Baker/Barker/Parker (the name is pronounced distinctly all three different ways) is aided by the magic of Taoist Collins, an expert in keung si, to cheat his way into becoming the Gambling King. He challenges Myer, a gambling master to a card game with their lives as the stakes, and wins via cheating. Even though Stephen cheated, Myer keeps his word and shoots himself, much to the consternation of his son, Leslie. Rose Myer, the ghost of his wife, individually comes to her brothers-in-law, Roger (a ninja in white), and Ken (a nerdy ninja in green, who also disguises himself as a keung si and a Taoist priest at various points) and wants her husband&#39;s death avenged. Collins sends his keung si after the two of them, while Leslie Myer and his father&#39;s best friend seek out the help of James Webber, a master gambler who became an alcoholic after losing one time. After Leslie calls him a coward along with some unprintable words, Webber agrees to help, but not alone. He recruits his friend Anna, whom we find participating in a bar fight, and his friends Ricky and Lily, working as a stuntman and a pyrotechnician on a movie, respectively. These three combine their fighting and gambling prowess to send dice flying into walls and so forth. Meanwhile, Roger and Ken recruit Taoist West in helping them defeat the keung si, bringing along a grenade so they can deal with Mr. B or P, who is obviously in a different film from what they are in. A murderer, with the help of Chinese vampires, does battle with the ghost of a dead gambling lord&#39;s wife and the gambling lord&#39;s living brother. Godfrey Ho launches yet another assault on all that is decent with this jaw dropping tale of vampires, ghosts, suicide, gambling, alcohol addiction and last but not least, ninja! Yes, as you can probably well imagine from the above description - logic is not exactly evident in abundance in this flick! <br/><br/>Highlights on offer include: Some reality defying dice-fu(!), some acrobatic esoteric incantations(!), hopping former gambling addict vampires(!) and nifty martial arts aplenty! Sadly though, despite it&#39;s demented (cut &amp; paste) premise the films implementation isn&#39;t perhaps as much fun as it may initially sound and does tend to drag somewhat throughout.<br/><br/>Still, for fellow bad movie lovers, you&#39;ll be hard pressed to find many other flicks as downright crazy as this! How bad is this movie? The voice over actors are listed as the actual stars. Those actually in the film are listed as uncredited. I am not sure what Director Godfrey Ho was thinking with this mess. Just because you have script, doesn&#39;t mean you should use it.


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