EasyRPG Player

EasyRPG Player is a game interpreter to play RPG Maker 2000, 2003 and EasyRPG
games. It uses EasyRPG Readers library to read RPG Maker game data.

EasyRPG Player is part of the EasyRPG Project. More information is available
at the project website:


Documentation is available at the documentation wiki:

Source code generated documentation is available at:


EasyRPG Readers library.
SDL for screen backend support.
SDL_mixer for audio mixing.
Freetype for custom font support.
Pixman for low level pixel manipulation.
libpng for PNG image support.
libjpeg (with jpeg_mem_src) for JPEG image support.
zlib for XYZ image support.

Daily builds

Up to date binaries for assorted platforms are available at:

Source code

EasyRPG Player development is hosted by GitHub.
Project files are available in Git repositories.


* Autotools method:

  autoconf >= 2.68, automake >= 1.11, pkg-config

  Compile with:
  ./ && ./configure CPPFLAGS=-DUNIX --with-readers=/ABSOLUTE/PATH/TO/Readers/build && make

* Cmake method:

  cmake >= 2.8

  Compile with:
  cmake PATH/TO/Player/builds/cmake && make
  If you want to build it with debug mode pass "-D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug" to cmake.

* Visual Studio method:

  Read detailed instructions at:


EasyRPG Player is free software. See the file COPYING for copying conditions.