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Welcome to eclipse-scala-tools

eclipse-scala-tools provides some small Eclipse plug-ins for Scala. It supplements ScalaIDE for Eclipse.

See the history of eclipse-scala-tools at ReleaseNotes.


Download a plug-in JAR file from the Download page and put it into ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins.

Note for eclipse-scala-tools requires a latest version of ScalaIDE for Eclipse 2.x.


SBT Support

eclipse-scala-tools supports all of SBT 0.11 and 0.12.

You can create a SBT project using a wizard. Choose File > New > Project from the main menu of Eclipse and choose Scala > SBT Project in the new project creation wizard.

New SBT Project Creation Wizard

Run SBT from the context menu of the project. Execution SBT execution results are displayed in the Console view. Update Dependency updates the project classpath settings.

SBT Context Menu

You can also migrate existing SBT projects to Eclipse from Migrate to ScalaIDE.


In the project property page, you can configure SBT project settings such as SBT runtime and proxy settings.

Project Property Page

eclipse-scala-tools also provides the editor which provides basic features such as syntax highlghting and outline for *.sbt files.

SBT File Editor