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Welcome on the wiki of unityGB.

by Takohi and Jonathan Odul with the contribution of Shane O'Brien.



The repository has been moved to GitHub and the BitBucket repository will no longer be updated.

Please now follow Unity GB here:


Here we are passionate of the Nintendo Game Boy that was during our childhood a great console with so many great games (Super Mario Land, Pokemon, Link's Awakening...), so much memories...
We always wanted to know how does an emulator work and how to do it, so one day we just wondered why not making a Game Boy emulator working with Unity? We like using this game engine for making our games. So we started to develop the emulator but there are still a lot of works to do. It has been written in C# and is only using Mono allowing you to export the project to any platform supported by Unity.

There are so many ideas to be found for integrating the Game Boy emulator, playing a Game Boy game, in a 3D environment/3D game. Also, several devices such as Leap Motion or Oculus Rift are providing a SDK for Unity that could be easily used with the emulator. There are so many possibilities and fun to do here!


Moreover, unityGB is very light, also a Game Boy rom: for just a few more kilobytes, you can include into your project some Game Boy games allowing you to add hours of fun to your original game with no effort. Imagine, for example, a GTA-like where the player can go to the game center in order to play Game Boy game on a video arcade machine. The player would play a game inside a game (gameception).


unityGB has been released as Open Source software under the MIT Licence. This means that you can download the source code, find out how it works, and contributing.

unityGB is still in alpha version, many bugs and glitches can occur. Also, the code is far from being perfect and needs a lot of optimization. Any and all help welcome! Please feel free to contribute to this project, we need your help!

If you have any comments, bug reports or questions, there is a topic dedicated to unityGB on the Unity forum HERE. Also, if you're using unityGB in one of your project, we will be glad to share it with our community so please feel free to contact us!

!!! Download now unityGB package !!!


What is supported

  • Game Boy games with cartridge <= MBC5
  • Input
  • Sound (only for Unity PRO)
  • Save

Planned features

  • Game Boy Color compatibility
  • Link Cable
  • Oculus Rift

Known issues

  • Sound synchronization
  • Pokemon Yellow: Pikachu voices are not played (didn't find any documentation)
  • Some glitches with sprites order

Other pages


Oculus Rift Gameboy Emulator in Unity, by Shane O'Brien


UnityGB4BB10 GameBoy Emulator for BlackBerry 10

Official Website

They speak about us






v0.21, 2014-10-19

  • MIT license

v0.21, 2014-05-13

  • Filter.Point for Texture in DefaultVideoTexture.cs (thank you david_is_neato)

v0.2, 2014-05-07

  • Audio
  • RTC
  • Save

v0.11, 2014-03-27

  • Compatibility with cartridge MC3 and MBC5

v0.1, 2014-03-27

  • Initial version


  • unityGb save games files are compatible with Visual Boy Advance (and other emulators) save games file.

Who are we?

Takohi with:


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