HyFlow is a Distributed Transactional Memory (DTM) framework written
in Java. It is a work-in-progress research project, and thus it
is not stable nor meant for any kind of production environment.

Our website is at hyflow.org. It contains
a Getting Started guide that will help you install the pre-requisites
needed by HyFlow, build it, and finally run our distributed

Saying hello

The Distributed Transactional Memory research community is fairly
small. It would help us know who is involved with DTM research,
or otherwise has an interest in DTM. By downloading HyFlow, you
certainly have such interest. If you use HyFlow in your work, or even
just download it for tests, we kindly ask you to let us know. Please
e-mail the current maintainer
and say hello. Alternatively, we can also be reached on
the dtm-research group
on Google. If you are a researcher or student interested in DTM, please
consider joining this group.

Citing HyFlow

If you want to use HyFlow in your research work, please include the
following citation: link (dl.acm.org)
This and other publications are available
on our website.