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Trosnoth is a multiplayer 2D platform sidescroller, where you control a single soldier. With your team, you must capture all the territory in the entire map before your enemy does.

A Trosnoth map is divided into hexagonal "zones". It is these zones that you and your team must capture. Each team starts with about half the zones in their control; blue on the left, red on the right, with a neutral strip of zones in the middle. At the centre of each zone is an "orb". The colour of the orb indicates to which team the zone belongs. To capture a zone from the enemy, you need 4 players from your team in a zone, or more of your own players in the zone than the enemy. Then, any one of your players can tag the zone by jumping through the orb. Note that you can only tag a zone if you already own one adjacent to it. When you tag a zone, any of your zones which are no longer bounded by enemy zones will become darker. These darker zones will come in handy...

Your soldier can shoot other players. Any player hit by an enemy bullet instantly dies. This is usually how zones are tagged - kill the enemies in a zone until you have a numerical advantage, and then tag the zone.

Once you die, you become a ghost. Ghosts move faster than normal players, and can pass through walls but are otherwise useless. Once the gauge at the bottom of the screen hits empty, you will be able to respawn to rejoin the game as a soldier. Ghosts can only respawn in zones that their team owns.

Your soldier can shoot other players. Any player hit by an enemy bullet instantly dies. This is usually how zones are tagged - kill the enemies in a zone until you have a numerical advantage, and then tag the zone.

Starting the Game

To start the game, there need to be enough players selecting "Ready" from the menu at the top-left of the screen.


If you want to send a chat message, press Enter. You can then switch between team-talk and all-talk by pressing Ctrl. To exit the chat viewer, press Escape.

Controlling a Player

When alive, you control your player using the A, S, D and W keys (although these, as with all keys, can be reassigned in the settings menu). If you jump onto a vertical wall, you can hold onto it, but you cannot shoot while holding onto it.

Note that moving in the direction you are facing is faster than moving backwards. As a ghost, you move at a constant rate in the direction of the mouse.

To shoot, simply press the mouse button. Your soldier will always shoot towards the mouse cursor. You have an infinite number of bullets, but the speed at which you can fire is dependent on what zone you're in. This is where the darker zones come into it: if you're in your own dark-coloured zone, you can fire faster than usual; if you're in an enemy dark-coloured zone, your rate of fire is slower than usual.

After you've been dead for a while and your respawn bar is full, click the mouse to immediately respawn in the centre of the zone that you are in. You must be in a zone of your own colour to do this.


Every time you tag a zone or kill another player, you will be rewarded with a star. Stars can be used to purchase upgrades. To purchase and use an upgrade, press the number corresponding to that upgrade, then press space.

Each player can hold up to 10 stars at a time. They can also only hold a single upgrade at a time. Players lose all their stars and any upgrade they have when they die. You can abandon an upgrade at any time by pressing 'M', and then confirming by pressing 'Y'

[1] Machine Gun (10 stars): This allows you to hold the mouse button for rapid-fire shooting. Be careful though: after firing a certain number of bullets, you will have to wait for your weapon to reload before you can fire more bullets.

[2] Shield (4 Stars): A shield will protect you from one enemy bullet. Great for when you and some teammates are fighting a larger number of enemies

[3] Minimap Disruption (15 Stars): Disrupts minimap of all players on the enemy team. Destroys the enemy's ability to act strategically on larger maps.

[4] Ninja (5 stars): A ninja is invisible to enemies, but can still be located using the minimap. When a ninja fires a bullet or goes near an enemy orb, the ninja becomes visible for a brief period of time.

[5] Grenade (7 stars): Fires a grenade, which will shortly thereafter explode killing all enemies within the blast radius.

[6] Ricochet (3 stars): Makes your bullets bounce off walls for a short period: handy for reaching where your enemy cannot!

[7] Shoxwave (7 stars): The Shoxwave Cannon replaces your normal weapon for a short period of time. The Shoxwave Cannon has a short range, but every enemy and enemy shot in that range will be eliminated when you fire.

"But how can you buy something worth 15 stars if you can only hold up to 10 at a time?!" you cry. In keeping with Trosnoth being a team game, purchasing upgrades is also done as a team. If you try to buy something worth more stars than you have, stars will be used from team mates. Remember to work together!

If you can't remember the exact number key for the upgrade you want, just press B to get a list of upgrades as well as the amount of stars that each one costs.


In Trosnoth you can toggle almost every element of the game interface: press Delete to toggle most elements of the screen and press P to turn on and off the leaderboard. Press Escape to toggle the main menu.

If you forget any of the controls, have a look at the main menu in the bottom left: most of the controls are listed here. The most common controls are shown on the first part of the menu, and to see the less common controls just press V.

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