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trosnoth / Testing Trosnoth

Testing Trosnoth

If you're helping develop Trosnoth, you'll be wanting to start Trosnoth games quickly with specific settings. Trosnoth has some command line options that help with this.

For a full list of options, run trosnoth --help. Here are a few of the options:

  • -s or --solo – will run a solo (practice) game
  • -D or --delay – can be used to simulate a network time delay
  • --trosball – runs a Trosball game
  • -t or --test – gives everyone plenty of stars all the time, and makes upgrades cost only 1 star
  • -b or --testblock – tries to use the given map block as much as possible in a solo game. Useful for testing new map blocks.
  • -a or --aicount – controls how many AIs to include in a solo game
  • -w and -H – control the size of the map for a solo game
  • -A or --aiclass – controls which AI class to use (available classes can be listed with --list-ais)
  • -p or --profile – profiles all calls and outputs the result to trosnoth.log in a format that can be read by kcachegrind.