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What is this?

dumBBlogger is a very dumb, featureless static HTML blog engine written in Python It is written to be like that, and will remain dumb forever!


  1. Mako for templates
  2. Markdown for seamless HTML rendering

How to use?

The config.py file needs all the config options you would ever need to configure this blog. Open that and change the values according to your needs.

The 'inpath' should contain all your posts and 'outpath' will have your HTML output generated.

All the posts should end with a extension '.post'

The post headers should be strictly in the following format(including the no-space before and after ':'): Of course, not the box I have drawn. ------------------------- |title:A tilte | |permalink:atitle.html | |publish:True | |xx | -------------------------

This should be followed by your post content. If you don't want to publish a post set 'published:False'

After editing, creating a new post, run ./configure

and then,


Voila! Your blog is there in 'outpath' folder - copy that to webserver and have fun :)

This is not yet complete - there is a lot to do listed in TODO ;)