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+ Refactored the test case classes a bit

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File hgfront/project/

 # tests are run
 my_repo_dir = '/home/alisic/repos/'
 my_backup_dir = my_repo_dir + 'backups/'
-class ProjectTestCase(TestCase):
-    """ A test case for testing project related stuff """
+class HGFTestCase(TestCase):
+    """A base test case class for hgfront testing. Test cases should extend this class.
+    `fixtures` is a list of fixtures to be used as data. `username` and `password` are
+    the username and password that are to be used when testing sites as if you were logged in.
+    A User with the username and password that are provided should exist in the fixtures given.
+    If anonymous is set to False, setUp will log in the client before doing any tests. If it's
+    set to True, it will perform the tests as an anonymous user"""
+    anonymous = False
     fixtures = ['data.json']
+    username = 'test_admin'
+    password = 'test_admin'
     def setUp(self):
-        self.client.login(username='test_admin', password='test_admin')
+        """
+        The set up here makes the test use the repository and backup directory specified
+        in the module. Once I find out how to switch databases on the fly to pull it out
+        from the main database instead of the one that's created temporarily for tests,
+        you won't have to specify my_repo_dir and my_backup_dir in the module.
+        This set up also checks if anonymous is set to True or False and logs the user 
+        in accordingly 
+        """
         repo_dir_setting = Setting.objects.get(attribute_name=u'repository_directory')
         repo_backup_setting = Setting.objects.get(attribute_name=u'backups_directory')
         repo_dir_setting.value = my_repo_dir
         repo_backup_setting.value = my_backup_dir
+        if not self.anonymous:
+            self.client.login(username=self.username, password=self.password)
+class ProjectTestCase(HGFTestCase):
+    """ A test case for testing project related stuff """
     def test_project_list_view(self):
         response = self.client.get(reverse('project-list'))
     """ This is like the ProjectTestCase test case only it does the testing
     with an anonymous user, whereas ProjectTestCase does the tests with a 
     logged in user"""
-    def setUp(self):
-        super(self.__class__, self).setUp()
-        self.client.logout()
+    anonymous = True